Our years of experience enable us to take straightforward approach to solving our clients' most complex business challenges. Our consultants work hand-in-hand with clients to improve business performance, maximize IT investment value, and create a competitive advantage. 

We are determined to make our clients' businesses run better in the most practical, sensible ways possible.  We bring unique ideas and solutions to our clients' business issues — not fixed answers.


Our experts perform on-site repairs, upgrades and new system installations. We offer name brand products as well as quality tested Clone products; with many options. (CPUs, memory, hard drives, ZIP drives, CD-RWs, sound cards, LAN cards, Video cards, USB, Fire wire etc.) Our experts can match the appropriate device for your needs; they offer recommendations for optimum performance of your computer system. In many cases a fairly low-cost upgrade can improve your systems performance dramatically. Others may require replacement or complete systems and will show their benefits and cost savings to you over the long haul in reliability and ease of use.

  Network Design  

Our extensive customer experience gives us a solid foundation in business communications planning and design. We work with you to evaluate your current network infrastructure and design a blueprint for improvements that fit current and future needs. Today the tools available to enhance your critical business communications are more numerous and robust than ever before. You can converge your voice and data networks and use the power of Internet and wireless technologies to speed and refine all your business connections. You can extend your LAN and WAN to cover all your enterprise locations, and empower your remote and traveling workers with high quality wireless communications options. But before you can do any of that, you need a plan. You need to determine the best way for your company to optimize your network communication—a strategic design that fits all your enterprise needs.

  Cable Installation  

A sound cabling system is the infrastructure upon which a successful LAN & WAN is built. Its reliability is a must to insure fast and efficient communication between the file servers, workstations and the WAN. We offer cabling services including design, installation, testing and certification, and repair for both voice and data applications. Our installers utilizes a broad range of UTP, STP and fiber optic cabling as well as quality certified brand name connectors, patch panels, routers, gateways and switches to meet your locations wiring needs. 


Applications are only as good as the knowledge of the people using them. Today's business and office automation applications have very high end capabilities requiring specialized training to maximize their effectiveness.  Global Connexions can show you and your employees how to make the most out of the features available from your software. Even if you need administrative training, our team is certified in all major software used by administrators.  We specialize in one on one and first time administrator training for companies just emerging into large scale networks.


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Our trained professionals can offer you the support you need to keep your company up and running with little downtime to your business. We provide support solutions to meet your companies individual needs...

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